Pheerakarn Sirivejabandhu

28.05.2021 —

You may not believe this but from the top-ranked website's report, the first ranked website for google search result has more visitor traffic than the tenth-ranked website ten times! Whereas the unranked websites have no visitors. Although the merchandise and services are the best in the world, it will be useless if you cannot reach customers.

For this reason, all brands want to be on the first page for google search as long as possible. But how many brands can create and maintain the rank for a long period? This article will explain how to work on them to make you more visualize.

Getting a website on the top of the Google search result page, it calls ‘Search engine optimization’ or SEO. The shortcut to make your customers reach your brand immediately when they want. It will not come because of luck but you must have a good checklist guide to navigate your website and be available on the first page of google search result.

1. Think as Google

Firstly, we recommend imagining that you’re Google. And Google is to show the information which matches the thing that people are looking for. Users will not use Google to post the stories or share photos to update their lifestyles with friends. If someone has access to google, it means they need to find something or find the solutions. As our service is finding the solutions, where can we get the income from? We believe that everyone already knows that the income for this service will come from selling the advertisement. For this reason, Google has to adjust the algorithm by using a higher standard frequently to choose which site should be available on the first page. So it can push the brands to buy Google ads or create SEM. And these are three essentials of creating SEO in today's world that can make you win Google's heart.

  • Trust which is from our website is ranked on PR (Page Rank) or TR (Trust Rank) based on google criteria.
  • Authority which mostly come from referring to websites through links on other websites and Social Media
  • Relevance which has lots of naturally linked by a variety of factors

2. Brain, Heart, or Love at first sight

You need to prepare budget, personnel, tools, and time for the three main essential works:

Web developer

Web Designer

Content Writer

Be like as brain

Be like as appearance

Be like as heart

If the brain is defective, how do other parts of the body work effectively? Similarly, if your website’s structure doesn’t have a quality, in addition to the negative user experience of your brand, the rating Google evaluates your website will also be deficient.

This part will be the first impression for users, so it must be outstanding. When the website’s appearance is good, it will reach the target of the brand. In addition, the better and more beautiful photos to enlarge the meaning of an article, it affects the perception of the user.

We fall in love with someone due to many factors, but the main factors are personality, attitude, and knowledge. These things can connect them together as the good articles on your website will increase engagement and the connection between users and the brand.

3. The Completion (SEO Star award)

Regarding the evaluation criteria, it is divided into two parts as follows. Let’s assume that it is a contest singing "SEO Star award". The first place winner must have the most votes according to the standard of the program from the qualified judges and the votes from the home audience. Did you see the overall scoring? And the criteria of Google are the same. The judges' scores are like Google's algorithms, and the home audience's votes are like the number of website visitors. Details as follows

3.1 Panel of judges (Google's algorithms) is divided into two parts:

  • The website’s structure should have a good quality and always be up-to-date for development. In terms of website loading and opening speed (Page loads fast) should be 100/100 speed. We have to write SEO-friendly URLs which are neat and easy to understand. We should use Responsive Design (mobile friendly) to make its design suitable for using on all devices. Including constantly adjusting and developing websites will make it suit the behavior of customers. There should be functions that are easy to use and compatible with customers' behavior. For example, we should make it easy to click the “share” button to share articles on social media. Lastly, the age of the domain website also affects. The longer you stay, the more experience you have.
  • Content (articles and illustrations) should be in depth, always fresh and up to date. It should have a picture or video to enlarge its meaning. And do not forget to adjust the quality of images and videos to be search-friendly on Google. It should have links to content and affiliate websites that are linked. Lastly, another important thing is the keyword to the point and easy to find. It may have both specific words and probability words that affect searching on Google. For example, if today you search for the word "Hua Hin Accommodation" we guarantee that you will never find a small hostel website on the first page because their hotel competitors are Agoda, Booking, Traveloka, and more. However, there should be a combination of both terms that make your website friendly to Google's search algorithms.

3.2 The votes from the home audience that give to brands as measured by the number of website traffic. This is not just measured only by the amounts but also break down into aspects of the quality of the website as follows:

Bounce rate

Daily page views per visitor

Daily time on site

The user opens only one page and closes it.

The users open many articles on the website and also connect to other web pages. It means it may be good content.

The average time users access the website.

The less value is better.

The high value is better.

The high and long value is bette.

From the table, it can be seen that it is not just the single part like an article, a graphic, or a website structure that can affect the customers’ use. All three components must be good quality and work simultaneously for good results.

It can prove that Google continuously adjusts and improves the criteria for judging. Hence, having a good web developer, graphic designer and content writer to advise and update your website regularly is essential in today's business. In addition, if the customer gets a faster and better experience from a brand; it means more opportunities to sell. If you get started early, you will have more advantages than your competitors. And the opportunity will even be greater as well.

Only 1% better everyday

— It will be 31.18 times of today in 1 year. —